A sitemap is a visual or text map of a website - a list of all web pages grouped in sections as they show up on the website. The sitemap is a single file and its presence could have a substantial influence on the popularity of your Internet site, especially when you have more content. It will enable website visitors to browse the web pages and find what they need considerably quicker, which will raise the chance for them to come back to the website or to share it with colleagues and friends. The sitemap is also needed for search engines to index your site content better, so some pages will show up in the results for certain searches, which might not happen without having a sitemap even when you have the desired content. This is especially valid in case you update some web pages because the sitemap tells the search engines that they must crawl the website again to index the latest content. Having a sitemap today is a necessity rather than an optional attribute for any successful Internet site.

SiteMap Generator in Hosting

In case you host your Internet sites in a hosting account from our firm, you will have a very easy-to-use sitemap generator readily available. This software tool can be accessed through the Hepsia Control Panel and it'll allow you to choose any of your domains or subdomains, so the sitemap file will be made in the website directory where you want it. The straightforward user interface will allow you to choose the total number of links that need to be indexed and how deep the indexing has to go. As a more advanced function, you could also pick the file extensions which have to be included within the sitemap - you could use the default ones which include all most widespread extensions a site uses for instance php, html, etcetera, but if your Internet site contains more diverse content, you could also enter or delete an extension before you generate the sitemap for a particular website.