Using email messages with your own domain name is more handy plus it'll provide you with more trustworthiness as a firm when you keep in touch with partners. Such an e-mail address does look much better in case some visitor on your site contacts you by using a commentary form and you'd like to reply. How easy it is to control your electronic mail correspondence is sometimes as essential as the quality of the service, since some web hosting Control Panels make it very difficult and time-consuming to do basic tasks for example providing anti-spam protection or forwarding your e-mail messages. For this reason, you should take advantage of an email service that will permit you to access everything easily and that will help make the handling of your e-mails quick and easy.

Antivirus Protection Shared Hosting

The Email Manager tool that is a part of our custom-made Hepsia Control Panel and that comes with all our Linux hosting packages gives you full control over every single element of your electronic mail communication. With only a couple of clicks you will be able to do everything you'd like, from simple tasks such as creating/deleting a mailbox, forwarding e-mail messages or creating anti-spam protection, to more complicated ones for example using mailing lists or activating SPF protection for a given domain that you host in your account. All of the features are conveniently located in a single place and they're accessible via right-click context menus and quick access links using a particularly easy-to-navigate interface. Even when you've never had a website hosting account of your own before, you can manage your e-mails efficiently and without difficulty. In-depth how-to articles as well as training videos that are available in the Email Manager will point you the most effective technique to do every task.